April 2, 2024

Pragmatic Play Launches Blackjack League: Dive Into a €1,000,000 Prize Pool Extravaganza

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Key Takeaways:

  • Pragmatic Play's Blackjack League: A new, exciting monthly event in the Live Casino format, offering a whopping €1,000,000 prize pool.
  • Daily Cash Prizes: Up to 500 players can win daily, with the top daily prize reaching €10,000.
  • Inclusive Gameplay: Features three tiers of prize pools across gold, silver, and bronze tournaments, catering to a wide range of blackjack enthusiasts.

Pragmatic Play, a powerhouse in the realm of online casino entertainment, has just upped the ante with the introduction of its much-anticipated Blackjack League. This innovative event is set to run monthly and is already making waves among blackjack aficionados worldwide. Here’s why this is not just another addition to the live casino scene but a game-changer that's turning heads.

Pragmatic Play Launches Blackjack League: Dive Into a €1,000,000 Prize Pool Extravaganza

A New Era of Blackjack Begins

The Blackjack League kicked off with a bang on Monday, April 1, and is slated to keep the excitement rolling until June 30, 2024. The event is not just about the thrill of competition; it’s also about the substantial rewards on offer. With Pragmatic Play footing the bill for the €1,000,000 prize pool, the stakes have never been higher.

Every day, 500 lucky players will get a slice of the prize pie, with the day's top winner bagging a cool €10,000. But that’s not all. The league is structured around three tiers of prize pools: gold (€15,000), silver (€7,000), and bronze (€3,000), shared among 49, 200, and 250 players respectively. This tiered approach ensures more players get a taste of victory, making each game a gripping experience.

Points, Prizes, and Privé Tournaments

Success in the Blackjack League is measured in points, awarded for consecutive wins across the different tiers. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Pragmatic Play has introduced a special twist for privé tournament players. Here, the longest winning streak doesn’t just bring glory; it brings a hefty prize too.

Irina Cornides, Chief Operating Officer at Pragmatic Play, expressed her enthusiasm for the league, noting its potential to draw players deeper into the world of Pragmatic Play’s live casino offerings. This move is not just about enhancing the gaming experience; it’s about solidifying Pragmatic Play’s position as a leading supplier and enriching its partnership with operators.

A Library of Hits and High Stakes

Pragmatic Play’s live casino portfolio is nothing short of impressive, boasting a variety of games designed to cater to every taste. From the high-octane Speed Blackjack to the exclusive Privé Lounge Blackjack, there’s something for everyone. The latest addition, Blackjack X, further cements Pragmatic Play’s commitment to delivering top-tier entertainment.

Wrapping Up

With its Blackjack League, Pragmatic Play isn’t just offering a game; it’s delivering an experience. A perfect blend of competitive spirit, substantial rewards, and unparalleled game variety, this league is poised to become a cornerstone of the live casino landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned blackjack player or just looking for your next big win, the Blackjack League is where you’ll want to be.

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(First reported by: Pragmatic Play, April 2023)

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