10 Top-Rated Online Casinos Accepting Bank Transfer

Players do not need to browse the internet for hours to find online casinos with bank transfers. Just read the list below to find out more about each online casino's bonuses, free spins, and other promotions.

Bank transfers allow players to send money directly from their bank account to an online casino. It is ideal for players without access to other payment methods like credit cards or Paypal. Bank transfers for online casinos are popular and easy to find in 2020. They have many bonuses and other incentives to keep players coming back for more casino fun.

10 Top-Rated Online Casinos Accepting Bank Transfer
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About Bank Transfers

A bank transfer is undoubtedly one of the simplest ways for a customer to get money into an online casino account. It simply involves a direct transfer between the player's bank account and the one run by the online casino that they would like to use.

The most significant advantage of using a bank transfer to make an online casino deposit is that it is generally very straightforward to set up. Players do not need to register for a new service, provide any form of identification or jump through any hoops. As long as they have made an online transfer from their bank account in the past, they should be familiar with the entire procedure.

Bank transfers are a popular payment option in many countries worldwide. Still, they tend to be especially highly adopted in areas where credit card penetration and usage are lower.

This means that it is a widespread way of making a casino deposit in Germany**,** where bank transfer is an option that consumers are used to seeing at e-commerce sites and other shopping portals. In these cases, players are likely to find that many top-ranking casinos use bank transfers.

However, they also come with some drawbacks. The main one is that they can take significantly longer to complete than a standard credit card or e-wallet transaction. There is also less recourse available in the unlikely event that there are any problems with a transaction. Finally, it can take many weeks to get the money back, even if this is possible at all.


Pros and Cons of Bank Transfers


  • Bank transfers are available to anyone with an account; there is no need to take out credit or apply for a particular card.
  • Bank transfers are available to people with poor credit ratings.
  • Banks don't generally impose daily limits on the amount that can be transferred from an account in the way they may do with cash withdrawals or debit card transactions.


  • Some banks charge significant fees to customers who are sending money overseas. For example, suppose the online casino that a player uses is based in another country. In that case, this could make using bank transfers prohibitively expensive.
  • Bank transfers can take several days to complete in some countries. This may mean that players are unable to access the money that they have deposited for some time.
  • Players are responsible for ensuring that the casino they have chosen is legitimate and that they enter the correct details when making their bank transfers. There is often very little recourse available if mistakes are made. Players should make sure they use a reputable casino ranking service to select their casino.

Using a Bank Transfer to Gamble

Quick funds deposits are a hallmark of internet gambling sites. Online casinos and sportsbooks partner with international financial brands to offer easy-to-use methods for depositing funds. One option that several gamblers frequently choose to move money is a bank transfer, which allows for the transfer of funds from an individual’s personal bank account to the digital account on the web-based gambling platform. These timely deposits facilitate a player’s ability to access online gambling opportunities. Recognized as a secure payment method, bank transfers are fast, simple, secure, and globally available. Let us look at the process for transferring funds from a bank to an online gambling account.

Bank Transfer at Online Casinos

Bank transfers have been the go-to method for funding online gambling accounts for decades. It is a popular payment method for a few reasons. A gambler is familiar with his specific bank, where he has already developed a financial relationship. A person’s bank account holds his funds anyway, and it is a simple matter to request a transfer with a few simple clicks. Online casinos have set up bank transfer protocols to ensure a safe and seamless process.

Bank Transfer Getting Edge Out

Newer options for funds transfers to casino accounts are edging out bank transfers. Some gamblers view digital wallets as a more secure option. If a gambler plays games or wagers on sports on more than one platform, a digital wallet prevents him from connecting a personal bank account or releasing sensitive financial information to multiple websites. Pre-paid debit cards are also a popular use for depositing funds online.

The option of using a pre-paid card a few times and canceling the card allows the player to maintain the secrecy of his primary credit card numbers. Whether a person chooses a bank transfer or a different option to make a deposit into an online gambling account, he will still likely transfer funds from his bank account to facilitate the deposit.


How to Make a Deposit via Bank Transfer

The way that a deposit can be made via bank transfer varies depending on the country a user's bank account is based and the casino in that they are making a deposit. In its simplest form, the player will simply have to send a particular amount of money from their bank account to one operated by the online casino they are making a deposit.

The casino will generally give the user a reference number to attach to their payment from their own bank. With this method, the user will handle the payment through their own online banking service, and the player will have to wait for the transfer to complete before using their deposit.

Other online casinos offer services that allow users to log into their bank account during the deposit process and complete it from there. This is generally safer and faster as the user can be sure that the transfer has been completed and will be given an instant receipt from their bank and the online casino that they have made a deposit.

In some cases, this option means that the transfer can be completed much more quickly or even instantly, allowing the player to start using their deposit (and any matched deposit bonuses that they have earned alongside it) right away.

Bank Transfer for Online Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Payment Methods Similar to Bank Transfer

There are a few payment methods, which offer similar services as a bank transfer. These services include mobile apps, digital wallets, and credit cards.

Mobile App

A financial app is a convenient application on a person’s smartphone, which allows him to transfer money from one account to another. Offering services like those of a bank, financial mobile applications are a convenient way to deposit funds into a gambler’s online account.

Digital Wallet

Digital wallets are web-based financial platforms, which allow account holders to deposit money with credit or debit cards and bank transfers. Like a bank, digital wallets charge fees for instant transfers to a bank account. A transfer from a digital wallet is generally quicker than from a bank.

Credit Cards

Credit cards offer gamblers a convenient way to deposit funds in an online account. With a few simple clicks, funds are available instantly, which makes this one of the most popular methods bettors use to deposit funds for gambling.

Pros and Cons of Using Bank Transfer in Online Casino

Bank Transfer Account Opening Process

Opening a bank account takes a few steps. A bank may run a credit check to ensure that the person applying for the account is trustworthy. After reviewing the applicant’s credit history, the person opening the account or the digital system analyzing the information decides whether to proceed. A new account holder may fill out several documents to verify the person’s identity so the bank may track money deposited or withdrawn.

Bank account applicants must also provide identification to open a bank account. Acceptable identification includes a valid driver’s license, passport, or recent utility bill. In some cases, the bank may require a combination of identifications to ensure the person who opens the account is the person on the identification. New processes are using personal and financial information to verify a user’s identity. Once the bank confirms the applicant’s identity and the account paperwork is signed, an approved bank account holder may deposit funds in his account.

A bank account holder deposits funds in person or remotely. Bank account holders still travel to banks to deposit money by filling out a deposit slip and handing the money to a teller. However, bank account holders may also direct deposit income regularly or transfer funds from a different account.


How We Rate Banking Methods

We spend a lot of time making sure that any casino with online bank transfers as a deposit method that we recommend operates to the highest standards. Before any casino is listed on our website, the first factor that we check is the security standards that they have.

Sending money over the internet can expose people to the risk of fraud, and it is vital that all online casinos do everything that they can to reduce this risk. We only list casinos that employ high-grade SSL encryption and follow strict security standards.

We also ensure that the process of making a bank transfer at these casinos is as straightforward as possible. Many people who rely on bank transfers in order to make deposits to online casinos are less familiar with online payments in general, and it is essential that the process of making a deposit is made as simple for them as possible. We will go through the entire process before giving any casino a rating and adding it to this website.

In the event that customers do run into any problems, they need to know that a high-quality and reactive support service is available. This is another of the aspects that are taken into account when we decide which casinos deserve the highest ranking. We consider a number of different factors, including the average response time offered by the customer support service and how easy it is to contact them using various popular channels.

All of this means that our users can be confident that the casinos recommended on this page make the process of making a deposit by bank transfer as easy as possible. Users can also be sure that they will be in safe hands and using an online casino with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and excellent support when they decide to play at one of our highly-rated online casinos that accept bank transfer deposits.


Safety and Security of Bank Transfers

In general, bank transfers are recognized as safe. Using innovative technology and encryptions, financial institutions carefully track money to ensure it reaches the appropriate destination. Since bank transfers are a system of data transfers from one institution to another, complex checks and balances ensure that bank transfers are accurate. Mistakes are usually caught quickly either by the financial institution or the sender and immediately rectified.

To eradicate bank fraud, most major banks have implemented stricter measures to protect account holders. Since 2020, new transfer requirements protect consumers who facilitate wire transfers domestically. Banks implement additional checks to confirm the payee. The person sending the transfer must supply the full name of the recipient. The new bank transfer procedures will require the bank to notify the sender if there is a discrepancy with the payee’s account on record.

Even with stronger protections in place, gamblers often choose third-party digital wallets to avoid giving sensitive bank information to multiple online gambling websites. By using a digital wallet, the user may enter banking or credit card information once and transfer funds with the digital wallet as the go-between. This process offers an extra layer of protection when gambling online.


Responsible Gaming

Licensed reputable online gambling websites, casinos, and sportsbooks promote responsible gaming. Responsible gambling is a method of self-monitoring, which allows a gambler to recognize at-risk behaviors. Some platforms integrate technology to notify players who are exhibiting signs of gambling addiction.

Gambling is a form of entertainment. There are several ways to note if a player is at risk for addiction. Spending money that he does not have is a sure sign of possible risky behavior and a player should not transfer funds earmarked for bills, such as rent, utilities, and food. If gambling is no longer fun, it is time for a gamer to take a break. In fact, some online gambling sites allow users to opt-out of gambling for a period when signs of addiction arise.

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