What are the Sticky and Non-Sticky Online Casino Bonuses?

The world of online casinos is a thriving one, packed with promotions, offers, and bonuses designed to attract and retain players. Among these offers, the terms 'sticky' and 'non-sticky' are often thrown around. But what do they mean? And how do they impact your gaming experience? Let’s delve into these terms to clear the confusion.

What are the Sticky and Non-Sticky Online Casino Bonuses?

What is a Sticky Bonus?

A sticky bonus, as the name suggests, "sticks" to the online casino site and cannot be withdrawn by the player. Designed to keep the player engaged on the platform, it’s a popular promotional tool for online casinos. When you receive a sticky bonus, it amplifies your bankroll, giving you a larger sum to play with and potentially win from.

However, there's a catch. Even though it enhances your playing power, you can't convert this bonus directly into cash. For instance, if you’re on a winning streak and decide to withdraw your winnings, the sticky bonus amount gets subtracted, ensuring that only the net profit beyond the bonus is credited to you. This encourages players to keep playing, as the more they play, the higher the chance of surpassing the bonus amount and turning a profit.

Types of Online Casino Sticky Bonuses

  • Traditional Sticky Bonus: This is a common bonus type in many online casinos. Think of it this way: if you get a $100 bonus and later your total money becomes $500, when you try to take out your money, the casino will keep the $100 bonus. So, you can only take out $400. The bonus stays with you until you try to withdraw your money.
  • Phantom Sticky Bonus: This one's a bit tricky. As soon as you try to withdraw any money, this bonus just disappears, like a ghost. It's there to play with, but when you want to cash out, it's gone. This sometimes makes players want to play more so they don’t "lose" the bonus.
  • Expiration Sticky Bonus: This bonus has a timer. You have only a certain amount of time to use it, and then it's gone, whether you’ve withdrawn money or not. It's like a race against time, making players want to use it quickly.

For anyone playing in online casinos, it's essential to know these bonus types. It helps in making smart choices and getting the most out of online casino games, while also being aware of the rules.

What is a Non-Sticky Bonus?

A non-sticky bonus, on the other hand, is more player-friendly. Also referred to as a 'parachute bonus', it allows players to play with their initial deposit first before using the bonus amount. If luck smiles and you score some wins with that money, great! You can take out your winnings without even touching the bonus part. However, if things don't go as planned, the bonus acts as your backup, giving you another chance.

How to Get an Online Casino Non-Sticky Bonus?

  • Start Researching: Look online for casinos mentioning 'parachute' or non-sticky bonuses. Many casinos use these names, making them easier to find.
  • Get to Know the Rules: Before diving in, read the bonus terms. It’s crucial to understand things like how often you must bet before you can withdraw any money.
  • Sign Up & Fund: Found a casino with an attractive bonus? Great! Create your account, add some money, and claim that bonus.
  • Stay Updated: Online casino promotions can change quickly. To ensure you’re always informed, consider subscribing to their email updates or make a habit of checking their promotions page regularly.
  • Seek Recommendations: Sometimes, fellow players or online forums can direct you to the best non-sticky bonus deals. Engaging in community discussions can be both informative and beneficial.

Difference Between Sticky Bonuses and Non-Sticky Bonuses

Sticky and non-sticky bonuses function differently and offer unique advantages. Let's explore what sets them apart.

Nature of Online Casino Bonuses

While a sticky bonus acts like a tied-down financial boost from the casino, restricting direct cash benefits, a non-sticky bonus offers more freedom, designed with the player's ease in mind.

Sticky / Non-Sticky Bonuses Withdrawal Restrictions

The way you extract your winnings is the primary factor setting apart sticky from non-sticky bonuses.

With a sticky bonus, there's a catch: you can't withdraw the bonus amount itself. So, if you're lucky enough to win, the casino will deduct the bonus amount when you cash out.

In contrast, non-sticky bonuses are more straightforward. They allow players to play with their own deposit first, and should they win, they can withdraw these earnings without any deductions. It's a simpler, hassle-free system that most players appreciate.

Player Advantages

From the player's perspective, the non-sticky bonus often stands out as the superior option. The reasoning is clear: it offers a second chance. If luck doesn't favor you with your original deposit, the bonus serves as a fallback. This means that even if you've burned through your primary funds, the bonus offers a lifeline, allowing you another opportunity to play and potentially win.


In summary, both sticky and non-sticky bonuses offer unique benefits in the online casino world. Choosing the right one depends on your gaming style and preferences. It's essential to thoroughly read and understand the terms associated with each bonus. As with all gambling activities, it's crucial to play sensibly and prioritize enjoyment over merely seeking wins. Always gamble responsibly!

What are non-sticky bonus casinos?

Non-sticky bonus casinos offer a specific type of bonus where players use their deposited money before the bonus money, allowing for more flexible withdrawal options.

Why would a player choose a sticky bonus over a non-sticky one?

While sticky bonuses may have stricter withdrawal conditions, they often come with higher bonus amounts, potentially allowing for more extended gameplay.

How common are non-sticky bonus casinos compared to those offering sticky bonuses?

Both types of bonuses are popular in the online casino world. However, non-sticky bonus casinos have been gaining traction due to their player-friendly terms.
Are there any wagering requirements associated with a no sticky bonus?

Where can I find the best non-sticky bonus offers?

To find the best non-sticky bonus offers, consider visiting casino review sites, forums, or subscribing to newsletters from various online casinos.

Are sticky bonuses generally larger than non-sticky bonuses?

While it varies from one casino to another, sticky bonuses can sometimes be more substantial in value due to their tighter withdrawal restrictions.

Bonuses, promotions, and rewards are major selling points at online casinos. That's why we decided to talk about what online casino bonuses really have in them and share some tips with you.

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