How to Spot a Potentially Fraudulent Online Casino

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Distinguishing legitimate from scam casinos can be challenging at times. Most beginners would only check the licensing information before approving the casino. But the thing is that some casino regulators may not be too strict on their regulations, making these licenses popular among scam websites. Some gambling sites may not even have a license at all.

This article discusses some common scams and signs of a fake online casino to help you avoid playing on a rogue gambling site. You'll also find a list of licensed and legit gambling sites carefully crafted by CasinoRank's experienced reviewers.

Common Online Casino Scams

It's essential to know some common scams in the iGaming world. Phishing is among the most prevalent, where scammers send deceptive emails or messages asking for your personal information or login credentials.

Bonuses are another widespread casino scam nowadays, with some gambling sites offering large bonuses with high wagering requirements. This makes it almost impossible to withdraw winnings from the bonuses and promotions. Always read the bonus conditions to avoid choosing the wrong package.

In addition, many fake online reviews are meant to dupe gamers into joining a rogue casino. Some casinos pay reviewers to write only about the benefits and fool unsuspecting new players. And finally, be wary of payment scams or casinos that don't pay out winnings.

Signs of a Fake Online Casino

  • Fake licenses are a major red flag, as legit online casinos must be licensed by a reputable authority in Malta, the UK, Canada, Curacao, and other countries. Click the license logo to confirm that the certificate is up to date.
  • Another sign of a casino scam is the lack of SSL encryption. The best online casinos use this technology to ensure your personal and financial information is safe from unauthorized access.
  • Lastly, avoid online casinos that don't display their contact information on the website. A reliable online casino must have prompt customer service on email, phone, live chat, or even social media. Poor customer support is a warning sign as well.

How to Tell if an Online Casino is Legit

The legitimacy of an online casino is to confirm if a legal regulator approves the website. Check if reputable authorities, including the UK Gambling Commission, Curacao Government, or Malta Gaming Authority, license the casino.

Besides licensing, CasinoRank urges players to confirm if the website offers a secure connection via SSL encryption. 128 or 256-bit SSL encryptions are the most trusted options for protecting your personal and financial information at the casino.

Game certification is another way to tell whether a casino is legit or not. Most regulators would only approve casinos that offer fair and transparent online casino games. Independent labs like eCOGRA, Gaming Associates, and iTech Labs will give the games a seal of approval to show that the results are not rigged.

How to Distinguish a Real Casino Review from a Fake One

There are many fake reviews about online casinos, with some reviewers often paid by the casino or a competitor to write the comment. For this reason, CasinoRank will show you how to identify legit casino reviews that could help you find a reliable casino to join. Below are some tips:

  • Check the source of the review: Read reviews only from a reputable source, such as a well-known online casino portal or an independent review site. Be wary of reviews posted on the casino's website, as they may be biased.
  • Look for specifics: Real reviews will mention specific details about the casino, including the game selection, the customer service, or the payment options. Conversely, fake reviews are often generic and vague, with no specific details or examples.
  • Check the language and tone: Real reviews will be written in clear, concise language without being overly positive or negative. On the other hand, fake reviews may contain spelling or grammar errors or use extremely positive language to persuade you to join the site.
  • Check for tone consistency: Trusted casino reviews should use a consistent tone and language. Be careful with reviews that use the same style.

If you are looking for legit online casino reviews, OnlineCasinoRank should be your next stop. The reviews on this website are transparent and objective, written by knowledgeable industry experts after testing every aspect of the casinos. Check the list of trusted online casinos right now!

Blacklisted Online Casinos

Blacklisted online casinos have a history of engaging in unethical or fraudulent behavior. These casinos are known to frustrate players for not paying out, having unreasonable bonus terms, offering rude or non-existent customer support, and more.

With so many casino options, finding a blacklisted website can be challenging. Therefore, reading the legit casino reviews on this page is advisable to avoid finding yourself on a rogue gambling site.


Learning to spot a potentially fraudulent online casino is critical to avoid losing money or becoming a scam victim. Common signs to look for include the lack of legit licenses, SSL encryption, game-testing certifications, and customer support. Players must also avoid a casino with low review ratings. Consider the top picks by CasinoRank for a safe and secure gaming experience.

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What are online gaming frauds?

Online gaming frauds are gambling sites that provide players with illegal or unfair experiences. These sites may not be licensed by a legit body or offer uncertified games. The customer service may also be hard to reach or rude to players.

Why do online casinos get blacklisted?

Blacklisted gambling sites use unethical practices to dupe unsuspecting players. A casino will fall under the "blacklist" category if it doesn't have a legit license, SSL certificate, or quality support. These casinos may also no longer offer their services.

How do I find a safe online casino?

A secure online casino should be licensed by reputable gaming authorities in the UK, US, Malta, Curacao, Sweden, Canada, or other countries. These casinos also should have the latest SSL encryption and high ratings among trusted review sites.

What are the three dangers of online gaming?

First, you can fall victim to a rogue casino that doesn't pay out winnings promptly. You may also expose your vital information to hackers by playing on a casino site without SSL encryption. And lastly, ensure that the casino offers prompt support to handle all inquiries you may have.

How to stop online gambling fraud?

You can avoid being a victim of online gambling fraud by playing in a legal online casino protected by SSL encryption. Also, only join a casino tested and approved by CasinoRank's knowledgeable team.