10 Top-Rated Online Casinos Accepting GCash

Nowadays, there are simply infinite options for making transactions at online casinos. You can take advantage of secure and fast bank transfers, e-wallet payments, crypto wallets, debit/ credit cards, e-voucher systems, and many more. The focus of this article will be justified digital wallets and GCash e-wallets in particular.

E-wallets have become so popular over the past few years, as they allow you to easily manage your funds from the comfort of your smartphone. The connection of your bank accounts, or credit cards to any of the available e-wallets is so simple, but the security levels are as high as possible, making it quite comfortable to make online transactions.

In this article, we stepped on GCash, which is a unique digital wallet, available in the Philippines. Mynt, which is the company behind GCash, constantly provides incredible and helpful payment services for its customers.

10 Top-Rated Online Casinos Accepting GCash
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What is GCash?

GCash is an electronic wallet which allows you to make simple and fast transactions online in the Philippines, without having to worry about security. The company behind GCash is called Mynt, ex Globe Fintech Innovations Inc., which was established in 2004 in the Philippines.

The main focus of the company is to make online payments for people in the Philippines easier, including the option to pay bills, receive money online, pay at any online merchant, cash in, and manage funds live via your mobile device.

With GCash, you are able to make commission-free payments at most online casinos in the Philippines. This payment option is available only in this location now, which can give you a hint that the company is putting all of its effort into providing the best possible payment solution for people from this country.

How to Deposit with GCash at Online Casinos?

As you already know, GCash is available for online bettors from the Philippines, so if that matches your country of residence, you are free to use it for making transactions at any online casino that supports GCash payments.

The steps for making a deposit on your online gambling account with GCash are quite simple:

  • Choose any of the GCash online casinos and create your account,
  • Be sure to fund your GCash by transferring money from your bank account or card,
  • Then, log in to your casino platform and go to the cashier section,
  • Then, you will have to select GCash by clicking the GCash icon.
  • Type the deposit amount
  • Enter all the other
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Get your funds within a few minutes from your casino account

Notice that you will have to have a fully verified GCash account, in order to make any transactions via the GCash app, which we will have in just a while.

How to Make a Withdrawal at GCash Casinos?

As you already know, making a deposit at any online casino using GCash is quite simple, but let's take a look at how you can make a withdrawal, as you have to know that, in order to be able to collect your winnings from your online casino.

  • Log in to your casino account
  • Again, go to the cashier section and click the GCash button.
  • Type the amount you want to withdraw
  • Enter any data, if required, and confirm the withdrawal request
  • Wait for a few days to see your funds in your GCash wallet.

Casino Account Verification

It is essential to take into account that most online casinos in the Philippines will require account verification, which consists of confirmation of your identity and address. For that purpose, you will have to provide scanned copies or pictures of some of the following documents.

  • ID Card
  • Passport
  • Driver's License
  • Utility Bill
  • Bank Statement

Each online gambling website has its own requirements for verification, so there may be some differences. In order to avoid any issues with your specific GCash casino, we highly advise you to take a look at its terms and conditions.

Processing Times and Fees for GCash Casino Payments

You may decide to use GCash for various reasons. However, one of the most essential ones is that the payment method provides you with secure transactions and very low waiting times. No matter if you are making GCash deposits or withdrawals, the waiting times will be quite low.

When it comes to deposits, you will usually see the amount in your casino account within a few minutes. On the other hand, when you are withdrawing from your account, you may have to wait for a few days for your funds to appear in your GCash wallet.

Also, no matter if you are making a deposit or a withdrawal, you will enjoy commission-free transactions.

Where is GCash Accepted?

As we already mentioned, GCash is one of the biggest e-wallets in the Philippines, so it is available only in this location. Unfortunately, if you are looking to use GCash from another country, it would not be possible even in the near future, as the company is putting all of its efforts into providing the best for its Philippine customers.

To use your GCash wallet, you will have to top it up with some funds, but the good news is that you can use most of the big banks in the Philippines, like:

  • Maybank
  • PBCom
  • PSBank
  • Union Bank
  • AUB
  • BPI
  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
  • Banco De Oro
  • Philippine National Bank
  • EastWest Bank

What are the Best Bonus Offers for GCash Payments?

If you are the type of player who loves collecting bonuses, you will be pleased to hear that there are plenty of options for you as a GCash user.

Not surprisingly, the most common bonuses that you can obtain at online casinos with GCash are welcome bonus offers. They are provided for any customer who has just opened their account and has not made any deposits yet. So, those bonuses can be collected upon making your first GCash deposit.

Top GCash Casino Bonuses

There are simply hundreds of online casinos that accept GCash payments and have very generous promo offers. Let's see some of them.

  • Without any doubt, one of the most popular GCash online casinos is Ice Casino, which offers an incredible welcome offer of up to €1 500 plus extra 270 Free Spins.
  • Another very rich gambling platform that you can join for 100% off, up to €120 and 120 Free Spins, is 20Bet Casino.
  • The third option that we want to mention when we are talking about GCash casinos is 22bet, where you can grab 122% of up to €300.

Why Should you Choose GCash a Casino Payment Method?

One of the hardest things to do as a beginner in online casinos is to pick the best payment method for you that suits all of your needs. Of course, GCash can come in handy in many different situations, but is it best for you? In order to be as helpful as possible, let's check some of the main pros and cons of GCash casino payments.


  • Instant Casino Deposits.
  • The platform is simple to use.
  • Secure Transactions.
  • All big online casinos in the Philippines are accepted
  • Available for GCash users that don't have a physical bank account.
  • No additional fees for any payments when you select GCash.
  • All payments are protected with a QR code.


  • The GCash payment platform is available only in PHP, so if you are using any other currency, fees may apply.
  • You can only create an account at GCash if you are a resident of the Philippines.

How to Open a GCash Account?

As we already mentioned, if you are planning on using the GCash payment method, you will have to create an account on the official platform of GCash. Luckily, GCash can be used by either Android users or iOS users. To get the app for Android devices, just go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for iOS.

  1. After you get the GCash app, you can proceed with opening your account by following these steps.
  2. Open the GCash App that you just got
  3. Enter your Mobile Number (Philippian Mobile numbers only)
  4. Enter all the required data for the account opening process, like address, name, e-mail, etc...
  5. Set your PIN, which you will use to make any online purchase
  6. To complete the registration, just click the Submit button
  7. You will get a 6-digit authentication code on your mobile number, so wait for an sms notification
  8. You will have to enter that authentication code to fully complete the process.
  9. Then, your app is ready to be used for

GCash Account Verification

Notice that, in order to fully benefit from using GCash, you will have to pass a simple confirmation, which aims to complete your account verification. There are three stages of that account confirmation; Basic, Partially, and Fully Verified.

To fully verify your account, you will simply have to get in touch with the customer support of GCash, and then be asked a few questions to confirm your identity. After you confirm your account, you will become one of the customers that has full access to GCash services. You will not have transaction limits, which for basic are limited to PHP 4 000, but PHP 100 000 for fully verified accounts.

On the other hand, if you don't confirm your account, you will be able to only have PHP 40 000 in your account, but PHP 100 000 for all fully verified customers.

Safety and Security of Using GCash

When you are choosing an online casino to play at, you first have to think about the methods that you are going to pay with. As we already covered any simple concerns about using GCash, it is time to take a look at the security that this wallet provides.

So, no matter if you are paying to any online casino or merchant, or you just want to pay your bills, you can be sure you are safe, as the page is using high encryption technology to protect your personal data. That guarantees you no third party can ever access it.

On the other hand, GCash is licensed by the Philippine Online Casinos, which is another measure of security, when you select GCash as a payment option.

Alternative Casino Payment Methods

If you are not the type of player who is passionate about using the GCash app to pay online, you can also take a look at some alternative options for that purpose.

Bank Transfers

Without any doubt, if you are not interested in opening a GCash account, you are free to use bank transfers for any payment, no matter which online casino you joined. Of course, bank transfers are one of the most secure payment options, but the waiting times are far too long.


If you are looking to find a reliable e-wallet to integrate into your online casino trip, but don't like GCash, you can take a look at Skrill. Skrill is one of the most popular e-wallets, not only in the Philippines but all over the world. The issue with this app is that there are some unwanted fees for some payments.


Another payment option that you may consider, instead of using GCash, is PayPal. Probably, most of you already know what this payment system is, but just to confirm, PayPal is one of the oldest payment options for you, which comes with almost no fees and low waiting times.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is GCash?

GCash is one of the most popular e-wallets, exclusive to the Philippines. With the mobile app of GCash, you can pay bills, purchase anything online, check your funds, even receive money. The platform is basically perfect to abandon the old way of paying cash by using the amazing app of GCash.

How to Put Money in GCash?

In order to top up your GCash account, you must first register, either via the mobile apps, or the official page of the company, then, fully verify your account. Then, you can simply use any of the local Philippine banks to fund your profile. Notice that you must provide your phone number, but take into account that only Philippine mobile numbers will be accepted for registering for GCash.

How to Cashout GCash?

If you are planning on using GCash just for betting online, and nothing else, you should think of getting your funds out of the app. Luckily, the process is quite simple, you just have to use the same bank as you used for the deposit, provide the required data and amount for the request and finish it easily by going to the bank page, which will pop up afterward.

Is it Free to Use GCash?

GCash is completely free for users to pay online, or manage funds. Unfortunately, for all transactions that are not in PHP, but in any other currencies, fees may apply.

Is it Safe to Use GCash for Online Casinos?

GCash is one of the safest e-wallets in the Philippines. The platform is regulated by all banks in that region, and high-encryption technology is used for protecting your personal data.

Where is GCash available?

GCash is available only for online bettors from the Philippines. If you try to enter the official page of the company, or the app, and try to register, you won't be able to.

How Can I see the Status of my GCash Cash Transfers?

The interface of the GCash app is made to be simple and easy to use for making any purchase or managing your funds. So, once you enter it, you will be able to go to your history and see the status of all your transfers.

Are there any Bonus Offers for Using GCash?

GCash is one of the most popular e-wallets in the Philippines and almost every casino in that location is accepting it. So, it comes as no surprise that when you make your first transfer to the casino, you can collect plenty of welcome bonus offers.