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Play OjoResponsible Gambling
Bonus offerBonus 80 Free Spins
No wagering requirements, fair play guaranteed.
Large selection of games from top providers.
Daily kickers and rewards for loyal players.
No wagering requirements, fair play guaranteed.
Large selection of games from top providers.
Daily kickers and rewards for loyal players.
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When it comes to online casinos, Play Ojo is among the best in the business because of the wide variety of games it offers. You'll have access to an amazing range of choices - including Video Poker, Casino Holdem, Blackjack, Social Casinos, Baccarat, and countless others. The game library at Play Ojo is frequently updated. Therefore, you can always find something fresh to play. The casino has top games from the leading software providers, such as Quickfire, Shuffle Master, Lightning Box, Barcrest Games, WMS (Williams Interactive). So, no matter what kind of games you're looking for, you'll be able to find them easily and quickly at Play Ojo.

Classic A and B Baccarat Types

'A' and 'B' classic titles are both similar to the classic version of the game. The main difference between the two is the minimum and maximum amount of money you can bet and win here. The minimum bet here is $1 and the maximum bet is $10.000. The maximum amount of money you can win here is $120.000. These versions have 0.06% Ojo plus cashback rate.

Speed Baccarat A and B Versions

Even though the 'A' and 'B' versions of the live dealer Baccarat are separate they are both essentially the same game. The minimum bet you can place is $1 and the maximum bet you can place is $10.000. The highest amount you can win here is $110.000. Each bet on any of the two versions of the game has 0.06% Ojo plus payout percentage.

Baccarat Squeeze and Control Squeeze

Baccarat Squeeze and Control Squeeze are two versions of the game that give you an edge in adjusting your strategy. The regular squeeze version is when the dealer gives you a partial view of what is about to come. The minimum bet in this version is $5 and the maximum bet is $10.000. The maximum amount you can win is $120.000.

In the Control Squeeze, you can choose whether to pinch a card or not. In this version of the game the minimum bet you can place is $1 and the maximum bet you can place is $2.500. The maximum amount you can win is $27.500 and both versions have 0.06% Ojo plus payout.



At Play Ojo Casino you can find over 2000 slot games to try your luck on. Their games are provided with more than 25 of the best online casino game providers including NetEnt, NYX, Yggdrasil and Microgaming, just to name some.
When you want to play real money online slots all you need to do is to log in or register for an account and make a deposit. First time players will receive an incredible welcome package offer where they get 1 Free Spin for every $1 they deposit up to 50 free spins. What is more, when you are done playing your free spins you can withdraw your winnings since there are no wagering requirements.

Finding the slot you want to play is so simple thanks to the search function, just type in the name of the game and it will soon appear. In case you are not sure what you want to play, or maybe you want to try something different, then you should take advantage of the Advanced Search and narrow down the options available. The games will appear in the following categories:

· Volatility Level
· Slot Themes
· Slots Features
· Slots Symbols
· Number of Pay Lines
· Number of Reels

These categories can be even broken down to provide you with more options, for instance choosing a game from a specific provider or a game that offers respin feature or free spins, and many more.

The moment you sign up for the casino and you make your first deposit you can receive up to 50 free spins to play on a game of your choice. What is more, there is the Ojo's Reel Spinoffs that are going on all the time and there is always a place for you to race and compete for amazing prizes. You can take part in it and it all depends on your luck because there's no skill involved. Just start spinning and if luck is on your side then you can find your way to the top and win the biggest prize.

When it comes to playing online slots it all depends on your taste. No matter what kind of slots you want to play we assure you that you can find the one you like here at Play Ojo Casino. Some players prefer the old classic 3-reel online slots which have simple mechanics and a couple of special features. Other players like more complex games that offer more lines to win and complex features.

3D slots

3D slots

If you are looking for something that will truly leave you speechless then you should try out 3D slots. These kinds of games offer great graphics and the entertainment is guaranteed. You can try the highly volatile Flip Flap or enter the dark world of Dracula or learn something about the life of ninjas in Ninja Master.

Unique slots

Most of the slots offer spinning reels with a certain number of play lines. But if you are looking for something more unique then you should give Gonzo's Quest a try. This game offers cascading symbols that fall from top to bottom and what is more they come with a special Avalanche feature that can really boost your winning potential.

Branded Slots

If you have a favorite TV show, or a favorite band, movie, then there is a great chance that they inspired an online slot game. So, there is a slot that celebrates the life of the music legend Jimi Hendrix or the very popular band Guns N' Roses. You can even have a chance to fight alongside Bruce Lee or take a trip back to The Wizard of Oz.

Playing online slots tips

Playing online slots is probably one of the easiest games that Play Ojo has to offer. But still we would like to point out some things in case you are new to the game.
· Always choose games that suit your goals
· Always check the pay tables
· You can't predict the outcome of a spin
· When you play progressive jackpots bet enough to be eligible for the jackpot
· Always accept the special bonus offers
· Before you start playing for real money play the game in demo version
· Always play within your budget
· Know your limits

If you are a complete newbie, then you might pick up on some language that you are not sure of its meaning. We are here to help you by explaining some of the most used terms:

Payline – This represents the winning line of a slot machine.
Pay out – This is the amount a slot machine will award you when you land the right symbols on a pay line.
Paytable – This is the chart on a slot game that shows the amount of money you will receive for every type of a winning combination.
Reels – These are the blocks with images that spin once the game is activated.
Symbols – These are the images on the reels.
Volatility – This is the amount of risk a game has and there are low volatility games, medium volatility and high volatility games. Low volatility games offer more frequent but smaller wins. High volatility games offer life changing sums, but the wins are less frequent. And, the medium volatility games are something in between the two.
Slots features – This refers to a number of additional features an online slot has to offer. These may include free spins, mini bonus games, wild symbols, multipliers and many more.



If you are a poker fan then you are in for a treat since Play Ojo offers 18 different video poker games. All these games are 5 card draws and the idea is to create the best hand in order for you to win.

You can play 1, 3, 10 or 25 hand version. If you are a beginner we advise you to start with 1 hand and as you progress you can play with more hands at once. When you play with 1 hand, you are dealt 5 cards and after the deal you choose which cards to hold and then hit Deal and see what you end up with.
There are different variations of the game each offering a special perk of its own. At Play Ojo Casino you can find the following variants of poker:

· Jacks or Better – This is a very popular yet simple game where a pair of Jacks is a push.
· Joker Poker – This game is played with a 53-card deck and includes a joker which acts as a wild.
· Aces and Faces – This game is similar to Jacks or Better where you win 40 coins for 4 Jacks, 4 Queens, 4 Kings and 4 Aces.
· Deuces Wild – This is a version where 2s can be used to make any hand. 3 of a kind is the lowest hand.
· 2 Ways Royal – This is just a regular game where you can hit Royal Flush with both 2-3-4-5-6 and A-K-Q-J-T.

When it comes to graphics they are not something modern, since players want to have that retro casino vibe when they play poker.



At Play Ojo you can find a game that is a combination of slots and bingo and it is called Slingo. The game was invented back in 1994 and it was a huge success even immediately. At the beginning Slingo was a social game with a single and multiplayer version, but later on Slingo was developed into a real money online game.

Just like in Bingo, you need to complete lines in order to win cash prizes. The more lines you complete the more money you will win, and Full House is when you mark off all 25 numbers. When it comes to prizes, they are not life changing. This is a low variance game that you can play for fun and earn some money on the way too.

The game is played on a 5x5 grid with a reel underneath. You need to spin the reels and to generate the numbers each one applying to the grid column above it. Overall there are 12 lines to complete and there are prizes for each. The prizes get progressively bigger as you climb the paytable ladder towards the Full House. You get 11 spins of the reel, and the numbers will be marked automatically on most spins. Some games payout tables start with 1 line and others need 4 lines to be completed. The game features some special symbols like Jokers which act like wilds and let you mark any number in the column above. There are symbols that will slow down your progress. These symbols are called Devils and their job is to replace numbers. There are also scatters which can trigger a bonus game or a bigger cash prize if you manage to land 3 symbols at the same spin.

Playing the game is very easy. You need to pick a Slingo slot and choose your total stake for the game. When you spin a Wild Symbol always dab off one of the numbers in the reel above it. Always choose a square that will complete as many win lines as possible. When your 11 spins are up you can buy up to 6 more using your cash balance. On the screen you can see the maximum amount you can win, this way you can decide whether it is worth the investment to buy the extra 6 spins or not.

When it comes to strategy, Slingo is a game where you can't do much to change the outcome of the game. Just like most video slot games, this one too is a game of pure luck. But there is something you can do when you get wild, because this is when you are in control of which numbers to dab. Most players would complete the next available line and receive a small prize for that. Instead, you should look at the bigger picture and unlock a grid position which is used by multiple lines. For instance the square in the middle of the grid is used for horizontal, vertical and both diagonal lines.

When the game is over, you will be shown what numbers you need to make possible big wins so you can decide whether it is worth to buy the extra spins or not. Just remember that every next spin costs more than the last one.



At Play Ojo you can find only two variations of Blackjack, European Turbo and American Turbo. The game is very similar in general but still there are some slight differences that keep these two apart.

In the European version you can only double down or split in certain situations, while in the American version you can do pretty much whatever you want.



European roulette is considered to be a classic casino game. Everyone wants to try this exact game because the house edge is lower than the one in the American roulette, even though the European roulette payouts are basically the same as the American roulette payouts.

The object of this game too is to predict on which number the ball will land. If you guess right, then you win. You can also predict on which field, black or red, the ball will land and many other different bets that you can place on the roulette wheel.

The European roulette wheel has 37 slots where you can find numbers from 1 through 36 and one green slot for the number zero. First things first, you have to place the bet and the dealer spins the wheel in one direction and then it spins the ball in the opposite direction. Once the ball is in the pocket the player who guessed the number gets paid. You should learn the European roulette payouts before you even start playing the game. You need to know what you are getting into.

If you play European roulette online you will see that the rules are very easy to understand. The only thing you need to do is to place your bet on the desired area and then just click spin. After the spin is over you can place another bet or leave the table. In the land based casinos it is a bit different of course. There are four casino members on one table. Two of them are croupiers and they need to handle all the bets and the spins, while the other two must supervise the game and to make sure that everything is according to the rules.

European roulette payouts and bets

European roulette payouts and bets

You can bet on individual numbers or groups of numbers as you wish. There are two advantages when it comes to European roulette and they are the inside and outside bets. Inside bets are the ones that are made on the single numbers or a small group of numbers. The outside bets are placed on larger groups of numbers. Different bets offer different payouts respectively.
· European roulette payouts for straight bets are 35 to 1. You can place a bet on any single number including the 0.
· Payouts for split bets are 17 to 1 and you can place your bet on two adjacent numbers.
· The payout for street bet is 11 to 1. And this bet includes three numbers in a row.
· European roulette payout for corner bet is 8 to 1 and this bet covers 4 numbers.
· The payout for line bet is 5 to 1. This bet features six numbers.
Outside bets are the ones that are not paying so much but are happening more often. For instance, the column bet pays only 2 to 1 but it covers an entire column so there is a greater chance that you are going to win if you place this bet.

The payout for dozen bet is also 2 to 1 and this bet covers a group of 12 numbers.

One of the most popular bets is the one where you bet on color, red or black. If you win this bet you can only double your money since the payout is only 1 to 1.

The payout for odd or even, and for low or high is also 1 to 1.

People usually prefer this version of the wheel just because the European roulette payouts are good. Also you can take advantage of another rule, en prison. If the ball lands on 0 you can get half your money back or you can keep them for the next spin.

Real Money Games

Real Money Games

When you register at Play Ojo you have two options to play games, for real money or for free. Free mode is for those who want to try out the games and explore their options while the real money mode offers the real thrill of the casino. In order to play for real money you need to make a deposit first, and all the winnings that you acquire during your gaming session can be withdrawn later on.

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Play Ojo: An Overnight Success

Play Ojo: An Overnight Success

Online casinos have been in existence for a long time now. But their popularity saw a rise in the last two years. With the pandemic situation that has been plaguing the globe, gamblers have taken to online casinos to get their fix. One casino that stands out among the hordes of online casinos that are accessible today is Play Ojo.